SuperThrive Women

“I like the taste when I mix it with Banana, Almond milk and cinammon or mixed berries, greek joghurt, honey, cinemmon and vanilla. It is very convenient for me. I would get tired at around 9 in the evening, with Superthrive I can be active until 11 and wake up earlier in the morning without being tired.” – Barbara

“I love the taste, and when making it with chocolate it tastes all minty and I love it even more. It does fit in easy to my routine as I have a smoothie every day. I’m not actually needing as much sleep as before. Emotionally I’m a lot better and happier and seem to be listening to my intuition a bit more.  And I’m feeling more inspired. It’s good value for money, as I would have to buy all those products on their own anyway so it works for me.” – Gail

“It tastes delicious. I find it super easy to throw into a smoothy, on top of chia meal or simply with water. I have definitely felt an increase in my energy levels. My concentration has clearly improved. Emotionally and physically I feel more balanced during PMS. It’s fantastic value for money.” – Eleftheria

“I find it great in smoothies.  One of the best things is it’s so easy to add to a smoothie and take to work!  Mightily convenient goodness. I have distinctly more energy and my mental function is clearer. Emotionally I’m handling things better. There’s so much in it and it lasts a decent amount of time.  I’ve been taking one tablespoon per day and that’s really felt sufficient. I really do feel you’ve created an excellent product.” – Juliet


SuperThrive Digestion

“Bloating. Gas. Cramps. Irregular bowel movements. In short: PAIN. I was to discover at a very young age that I had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). No one could really understand why I sometimes, in agony, held my stomach in my hands, curled up into a tiny bundle when trying to fall asleep & why I almost always had to say ‘no’ to big social events. It was a condition which would lie dormant, only to be provoked by food intolerances & stressful conditions .

I suffered from sudden mood swings & depression which I found out was due to a lack of serotonin (the happy hormone which the gut produces a lot of!). All of these factors were linked to the improper digestion of the food I ate. I started consuming SuperThrive for Digestion because it was not a pill or a procedure, rather a tasty addition to my meals. It was food. It was one of those incredible therapies wild-crafted by Nature.

I discovered that Superthrive for Digestion also helped me with my transition to a mostly raw diet, which for some can be quite an adjustment. I mix it into my superfood-smoothie in the morning, finding that the herbs ‘pull together’ and ‘bring alive’ the ingredients of the smoothie. In short: It creates a party in my palate and a sanctuary in my gut!” – Roelien

“SuperThrive Digestion is a fantastic support for my sensitive system. Gentle yet potent.” Lauren R


SuperThrive Children

Hi Kheyrne, I just wanted to write you a note to tell you how much my kids love your SuperThrive for children! They love drinking smoothies, but when I added SuperThrive my 5 year old daughter’s eyes just lit up and said “yummy!”. But it wasn’t so much about the taste but more about the vibration of the smoothie – I can truly feel the love you have imbued into this product and it makes me so happy to know my children are receiving so many benefits from it. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us! Candice Webster, Shambhala Healing and Transformational Centre


Thank you everyone. All feedback is welcome, please email it to info@superthrive.co.za