Kheyrne Danu is the brainchild of SuperThrive. She is also a health journalist, women’s workshop facilitator, nature worshipper and muse.

From a young age Kheyrne had to work through a few big health challenges including adrenal fatigue, digestive issues and reproductive problems. She chose to focus on nature’s medicine chest for her recovery. After much research around hormone healing she finally discovered (back in 2006) the profound effects of adaptogen herbs and superfoods.

“I had 14 powders lining my shelves and one day I decided to create a mix for easy use. I was surprised how palatable the taste was. Having one powder made life so much easier. After taking it for 30 days I discovered my energy levels greatly improved, my sleep was deep and restful, my mind was more acute and my emotional state was calm and grounded.”

After experiencing a regenerative leap from taking her personal formula, she decided to make SuperThrive available to all. A short while later SuperThrive for men was born, then the much needed digestion formula and later the nutritional pack for children.

Today Kheyrne continues her journey to uncover the subtle yet intricate stories of the body. She finds her greatest inspiration comes from the truly wild elements of nature.